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How To Choose A Dogs Name

Pets : Dogs

Some owners agonise over naming their dog - sometimes spending more time on this than they did the naming of their own children!

One of the best ways to do is think about the personality of your new puppy or dog.

This will often give you some ideas as for names for the dog. If not, is there a particular action they perform like jumping up and down - so things like Bouncer might come to mind.

Try not to have too long or elaborate a name as you will be speaking it many times, and of course a shorter, distinctive name is easier for the dog itself to associate with itself.

Of course if all else fails just consult a list of human names, and see what fits!

By: Stephanie

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Just wait a few days to a week so that you can see the dogs charecter come out,then choose something thats suits the charecter as well as their appearence,over all make it fun!

Hey my family have chosen names for all of our 6 dogs (when one gets sent away or dies u know wut i mean we get a new one)they have been named from dogs in movies like sieko or sumthing and ninook idk where they r out of tho but my new and latest dog fluffy is a biechon freze or sumthin i named hher by how solf and fluffy she is and still is lol :)

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