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How To Choose Patio Furniture

DIY : Landscaping

Have some ideas in mind before you go out shopping, by looking through catalogues and home interior magazines, even the internet to get an idea of different designs and types of material. Consider things like how much space you have, who will be using the furniture and how much you are willing to spend. If you have young children then it is better to be durable and easily cleaned.

Plastic is the most practical choice, but you can also choose tables and chairs made from wrought iron and other metals, or even have wicker accessories. Wood is another option. It all just depends on your own preferences - what you think will look best in your garden, and also what is most practical for the climate. Always try out everything before you make a purchase, so that you know if these wicker chairs really are comfortable for more than a few minutes, or if they are better for aesthetic use only.

Try to stay within your budget but don't sacrifice quality. A cheap plastic table will only scratch easily, chip and have other faults, so ultimately it is better to spend a bit more on some furniture that will last a decent amount of time. Find out if items come with guarantees and what the terms are. You should also check out the care instructions as some materials may need to be cleaned in a certain way.

Don't let your furniture be exposed to the elements too much - in the warm weather this is fine, but when it becomes cold and wet it is best to store it in a dry place with dust sheets for extra protection.

By: Bev on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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