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How To Claim Accident Compensation

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If you have been involved in an accident then you will know from all the TV adverts that you might be entitled to compensation.

However first of all you need to ensure, as is not often made clear, that the accident is at least partly the fault of someone or something else.

For instance if you drive into a bollard it is your fault - not the fault of the bollard that it is there!

However, we can reasonably expect the pavement to be kept in good repair, so if you fell over a cracked slab and broke your ankle then you are much more likely to be entitled to claim.

Bear this common sense fact in mind when you are looking to claim.

Then ask your solicitor to find cases similar and the outcome if not already known to them. This should give you a good indication whether it is worth pursuing a case or not - if there is a good chance of you being successful in your claim.

By: Fred

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