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How To Clean A Toilet

Cleaning : Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most hated household chores but has to be done regularly to keep your bathroom hygienic! Choose a toilet cleaner that is suitable for the material your toilet is made of (some are very harsh) and flush the toilet once to wet the bowl a bit, then swish the cleaner around the bowl and leave to sit for a few minutes. After this, make sure you have a toilet brush so that you can give the bowl a good clean using the liquid sitting in it, and use the brush to spread it into all the corners and under the rim. To rinse it away, flush the toilet again and use the brush to scrub away any residue.

Cleaning the toilet seat and lid

Use some kind of disinfectant to wipe down the seat and lid, and then leave to dry for a while before using it. You might want to consider buying a special cleaner that is clipped to the rim of the toilet, and then every time you flush it, it disinfects the pan. This is not an excuse never to clean it by hand, however! But it does keep things more hygienic in the interim.

By: Sandra on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

More cleaning advice

I buy pool pucks in the winter (when they are cheapest - being careful because of the fumes) I break a puck in quarters then break up again one of the quarters and put it in a old margarine container that has hole punched in it.

I then place it in the back of the tank. Everytime you flush it cleans the toilet with a film of bleach. The downside is it will erode the ballcock of the toilet a little bit faster than normal.

How to clean a toilet - use sterident denture tablets! Just put one tablet down the loo, leave overnight, and see how clean it gets it!

I found a enviromentally safe way to clean the toilet. You take some borax and shake in about a 1/2 cup or so straight into the toilet. Then add some tea tree oil and swish and leave over night. It works pretty good...try it out..

I found that straight muratic acid (pool supply or hardware store) will clean the dirtiest of toilets. Wear heavy rubber gloves though, because that stuff is acid. Dilute but nonetheless acid. Don't get it on our skin or clothing. It removes (dissolves) almost anything that has been put in a toilet. Prestine!

For a nice sparkling clean pan pour down a bottle of cola and leave for a few hours even better over nightthen flush away! this gets rid of lime scale and any nasty smells and stains without effort!

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