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How To Clean Ketchup Stains From Carpets

Cleaning : Carpet Cleaning

One common stain that is difficult to remove from a carpet is of course the dreaded ketchup stain - bright red stains on a light, delicate carpet - not good!

However the best treatment to use on a ketchup stain is to use a little carpet shampoo with water that is nice an cold and pour onto the ketchup stain that has occurred.

The best way to treat the stain is to use a spoon (the underside!) to massage the stain - this works well whilst ensures that you don't damage the carpet by rubbing too vigorously.

This should be all that is needed to remove the ketchup stain.

By: Fred

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The carpets are very sensitive things, so my advise would be dont try to clean at home call any professional carpet cleaners to clean it.

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