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How To Clean Silverware

Cleaning : Useful Cleaning Tips

Lucky enough to own silverware? Here`s a simple and effective way of cleaning it.

Silverware: Cleaning Method

Drop a handful of washing soda in warm water and dissolve. Wrap the silver item in foil and place in water making sure all parts are covered. Leave for five minutes, take out, dry, and then polish with soft, dry cloth.

By: Maryemm on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

More silver advice

Use tooth paste to clean silverware.

This is a little similar but......

Take a piece of aluminum foil and put in the bottom of the sink (enough to cover most of the bottom), then pour 1 T. of regular Baking Soda (Arm & Hammer works well) over it and pour boiling hot water into the sink. Mix water and soda lightly with a wood spoon and then place your silverware in there - the tarnish comes off after about an hour or two of soaking, making it look brand new..

Place an aluminium foil in recepient sink etc add 2 spoons of kitchen salt in hot water and then immerse cutlery..

Rub your silverware with a paste made of wood ash and water, rinse and dry..

Another way to clean silverware(I asume you are talking about real silver) is to use a chamos cloth. They can be found at any instrument/music store and are cheap..

On a show the other day the host used toothpaste and a good brand of paper towel.
Rub toothpaste onto silverware with one lot of paper towel and using a fresh lot polish it off, that's it and it worked when he did it, l suppose you would use a toothbrush to get into any crevices or hard to get to place.

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When you say 'washing soda', do you mean dish detergent?...
- Tue, Apr 20th 2004

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