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How To Clean Your Fridge

Cleaning : Kitchen Cleaning

Before you start cleaning, take out all the food and check every single item to see what is out of date and could be thrown out - you might be surprised at what you find! You should then take all the removable parts of the fridge out and place them in or by the sink for washing.

This includes the drawers, the racks and any compartments on the door which are removable. Wash them in hot, soapy water, removing any food debris and other stains. While these parts are dripping dry, you can set about washing out the inside of the fridge.
This can also be done with a bucket of soapy water and a cloth or sponge, don't use scouring materials or harsher cleaning fluids than washing up liquid. Make sure you clean right into the corners, get rid of any food that has dropped down, and clean any other compartments that are non-removable.

Rinse with warm water, then replace all the pieces you removed earlier which should now be dry - if not, wipe them down with a towel or paper towels. You can now replace the food in the fridge, but make sure you give bottles and jars a wipe before they go back in, as sometimes they can get sticky.

By: Sally on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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For a speed defrost, after emptying contents of freezer and switching temperature dial to defrost, use a hair dryer to shift ice blocks.

When wipeing away the soap used to clean out fridge, use a cloth dipped in water and vinegar.

To keep smells out of fridge use bicarbonate of soda. Fill a small jar with perforated lid with the soda and cover with some cotton material or gauze.

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