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How To Clean Your Monitor

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You can buy special fluids designed for cleaning monitors, or you can use a special electronics cleaner. Remember the cleaning procedure will be different for a laptop type screen, as these are easily damaged so you must be careful. Always consult your user manual in any case.

Once you have got the right kind of cleaner, follow the instructions on the container. Normal glass cleaning products will leave it streaky so don't use them. For the actual wiping of the monitor, use a soft cloth or anti static cloth, but don't use any scouring pads or harsh materials on it.

Normally you apply the cleaning fluid to the duster and then wipe the screen down with it. To dry it, use another piece of cloth or a bit that has not been wetted by the cleaning fluid. Repeat these steps until all the marks have been removed.

By: Darren on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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If you want to clean your computer, keyboard, etc. use babywipes. Cheap and effective!

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