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How To Climb The Career Ladder

Business : Career Techniques

Of course, there are many ways that you can do this. If you are responsible, reliable, enthusiastic and good at the job, then by one method or another you will no doubt rapidly lift yourself up the career ladder. However, there are also a few tried and tested methods that should ensure that you are successful in all your aims in this area.

- Assume the role of a senior manager: be seen with the right people. Be proud and confident in yourself, and people wil treat you as though you are that for a reason. If you look visually confident, then this will help others think you are capable of doing a 'higher' job, as it were.

- Work out people that you need to know - anyone that can help you progress your career, then get to know them! Try and be in the right place at the right time. Mingle as much as you can and get to know as many people as possible - some of them are bound to have contacts and connections and if you can remain popular with those around you then when it comes to promotion there will be many people around to sing your praises and help you get that elusive promotion up the ranks, and of course probably up the old pay scale additionally!

- Look out for projects. Try and get in on them if possible, be enthusiastic and pro-active; if you enjoyed something let the organiser know.

Finally, if you know that some of the people on the list of those you like to meet, then suggest it. Bit of a golfer yourself and you know that the big wig exec is also rather partial to a round at the local club? Then next time you see him and introduce yourself, suggest a game sometime. Or if he's a keen tennis player, then suggest the same sort of thing. When he's at ease at leisure you can gently start to get to know him a little better and then take things from there!

By: Carl Tyler on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

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