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Closing Questions To Ask In Business

Business : Business Questions

Closing questions are those that try to move things on from the warm lead and positive signs into what you really want to get out of a meeting - the sale.

So what questions can you ask to move things forward in this manner?

Well, a good step would be to simply ask them what they think with regard your proposal as a first step.

It may be obvious they are not interested at all, in which case pushing further will not help at the moment.

They may indicate they need more time to think about it - in which case respect that and give it to them, particularly in a larger company it is often not the decision maker you meet with or they may need to make decisions in consultation with others.

If you are talking figures then be prepared to be quite direct and ask things like 'what budget do you have?' or 'when would you like to start?' if you think you really are honing in on a sale right now.

By: Job Expert

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