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How To Come Up With A New Name

Business : Small Business Ideas

Some processes don't change, and deciding on a name for a company, product or service requires some good old fashioned thinking and brainstorming.

It is so important that it is worth taking your time over too - you will have to live with that name for the next several years, if all goes to plan and the product or company takes off.

The first thing to consider is what you want people to have in their mind when they hear the name you choose - any images you want to convey, or specific information about the product?

You then need to come up with lots of ideas and not be critical at this stage - just write them all down on paper ready to crossout or highlight later on.

Once you have the list down, go through one by one and decide which are stronger which are weaker, until you have just one name left - congratulations, you have the name of your product or service right there in front of you!

By: Fred

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