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Common Mistakes When Selling

Business : Marketing

There is no doubt there are many common mistakes made when trying to sell that greatly reduce the number and frequency of sales received.

One of the most common errors is to talk too much. People like concise and clear information, rambling and going on too much can often put people off. Work out the key benefits up front and present succinctly. If this is not enough to convince a purchase, it is unlikely that extra, lesser details will either.

Another mistake is not having a system or sales process. Try to standardise a sales method over time, with each sale refine the script and use the bits that went well and remove those that did not go so well. This way over time you can hone the script and also ensure that sales people are using the correct technique and not taking things into their own hands too much.

Finally, ensure that your marketing is truthful, honest and has substance to it. Offering glitz and glamour is all very well, but make sure there are real, tangible benefits to the customer - this will ensure the long term sustainability of your product.

By: Fred

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