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How To Complain And Get Results


First of all, the best thing to do is to approach the company directly to try and sort things out yourself.

Donít hang around and waste time, because if you have to take matters further then your claim may be void if you leave it for too long.

Always put your complaint in writing, a letter and not a phone call or email, as hard copies tend to be taken more seriously. Type the letter up on the computer, sign it yourself and send it via recorded delivery as soon as possible. That way the company cant claim they havenít received it. If they agree anything to you over the phone, make sure you ask them to put it in writing as well.

Keep copies of all correspondence that you send in case you have to take matters further. You will have all the evidence you need.

Target a specific person, so donít write Sir/Madam. Find out the personís name as you are more likely to get a reply from them in way. Good luck.

By: Danielle

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