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Concentration And Focus

Education : English

This is what you do...have a passion in learning it and you'll make it....it's all about how you perceive it for whatever you believe is true.speak the language in it's pure form and don't distort it for practise makes perfect

By: Nelly

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Learning a language is certainly something takes a lot of dedication.

From my experience at school the best way by far is total immersion.

Try to make friends with someone from that country who is learning your language and email them in their language and vice versa. This is much easier in this day and age than in the past where you can easily make friends with people from other countries!

That's definitely the best way you can help each other learn the other language in a natural way and not the artificial or stifled language that some of the textbooks use which in reality many people in those countries do not use these days.

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