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How To Control Your Weight

Health And Fitness : Dieting Tips

These days, dieting is all the rage. The companies that make the products and books make billions of pounds and dollars a year - it's a massive industry. Which means only one thing - they want it to sound really hard to lose weight, so as you buy their products. But that's where you can go wrong.

There is one simple truth to losing weight that you don't need a book to tell you, but it's the only one that matters. If you take in less than you use, there is no way that can gain weight - in fact you will lose weight. All this talk of Atkins Diets and eating no carbohydrate (which is not at all healthy) is not relevant.

The two golden rules of losing weight are so breathtakingly simple, yet people spend thousands on expensive dieting videos, expensive diet foods and all sorts.

(1) You must do decent amounts of exercise. If you can introduce 30 minutes exercise into your daily routine, whether this be a brisk walk, perhaps a swim at lunchtime or a jog at the weekend, and eat the same amount as you always have, after 6 weeks the results will be breathtaking. Not only will you lose weight, you will also feel fantastic.

(2) Cut out the snacks. If you look at most people's meals, who are not happy with their weight, it's just not true that they are eating meals full of calories. In fact if you just add up their main meals it often adds up to less than the daily calorie limits. So where does it go wrong? SNACKS!!! It's been shown time and again that all the snacking through the day vastly increases the amount of calories that people take in - a bag of crisps here, a chocolate bar there - and before you know it you've added another 1,000 calories to your day's intake.

So the second rule is simple - continue to eat your main meals and drinks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. But stop the snacking. You could save as much as 1,000 calories a day like this. It's only when you stop snacking that you probably will realise how often you do snack without realising it. So stay disciplined - you get three lovely meals a day, just cut out the snacking OK?

If you follow these two recommendations above for six weeks, you will feel great and have lost weight. And because it is not at all a punishing program, with points or starving or deprivation of certain food types (how could that be healthy?) you will be able to maintain this program long term without too much difficulty.

The overall result? A healthier, happier lifestyle, and the weight will come off gradually at a healthy pace over time. So, good luck!

By: Shelly Petersson on Sat, Oct 4th 2003

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Wise words, but I wouldn't advice to give up snacks, but to replace the unheathy ones with fruit and vegetables. An apple will treat your sweet tooth and you won't get hungry so quick. If you really must have that bag of crisps, have it rarely and pick a lighter version such as Walkers Lites. There are tasty lighter versions available, you just need to find yours. But choosing a fruit instead of a chocolate bar will make you feel a whole lot better when you step on to the scale later! Good luck with your new figure!.

Giving up chocolate is dangerous...just allow yourself a small piece after dinner..

What then happens when you do only have three healthy meals a day without the snacks and want to loose weight? Increase excercise? reduce meal portions?.

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