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How To Cope With Being Dumped

Relationships : Dating Advice

Being dumped is not nice, but it's a fact of life. Virtually everyone gets dumped at some stage, and whilst it hurts, it is a normal part of growing up.

If you are dumped, then first try to understand why you were dumped - did you do anything "wrong" that you can learn to correct, or was it one of those 'drifting apart' things.

The key is not to feel bad about yourself - tell yourself it is their loss not yours and you are a great person.

Try not to let your confidence get knocked. Continue doing all your other activities as before that did not involve that person and stay busy.

Do not be tempted to pine for them or try to get them to change their mind. Use your energy in a positive way to get on with your life.

By: Stephanie

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