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Could I Model????


Ohkay well im 14 and i wear a size 4 at abercombie.
and im 5'9" and i was wondering if i could b a model

here is a few pix!!





By: Kassie

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Hi, well i always thought that models were beautiful people who made everyone look and turn their heads.
i've never been one of those people. but i just love modelling, i've never done anything professional - at all. but i love to put on make-up and pose for my mirror - these words just sound like a distant dream.
i also dont live anywhere like london, so wont it be hard to start anything like this.
i guess i just don't believe that i have the looks, personality or confidence.
i dont really know...

I have a dream to be a model ever since i was 11 years old. About a month ago i signed up for a modeling agency and sent a few pictures off to them just so they knew what i looke like, also they asked me if i had any experiance and i sid no. I have the form to sign in with me now, and they just asked for abit of information about me and my age and stuff, but on there website it says they ar more interested in young pretty girls with a clear complexion, but i have mild acne, and i dont know what to do? I have tried many many things to get rid of my spots, but they wont work, shall i just go for it or wit until my spots are gone? HELP...Xx

Hey up girls :)
I\'m now 15 and live in Cheshire (uk) and i\'m a model. It\'s hard hard work and you have to be really dedicated. A bit of advice if you want to make it have a few photos paid for and put them in a portfolio! They have to be professional and make sure you have the dedication, for example last Saturday my friend and I spent 3 hours barefoot in a tireshed. Also if your not up for a scrap back down now these girls are serious as far as their concerned all you are is competition. And a last little bit of advice - YOU HAVE NO SAY!! You are just the clothes gorse and all you do is look pretty and work the camera. Oh and a warning if you do make it to the makeup chair don\'t speak Harmanee got poked in the eye with the mascara for talking but good luck it\'s a tough world. xx

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