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Could You Be A Model?


Model Measurements

To be a model, your body measurements / statistics need to be in the following ranges:

Female Models:- Be at least 5ft8in tall, with measurements of approximately 34-24-34.

Male Models:- Be at least 6ft tall, with a 38-40 inch chest, 30 - 32 inch wasit, and an inside leg measurement of 33 inches.

You should ideally be, in terms of age, late teens or early twenties for a long modelling career which is more attractive to modelling agencies.

If that's you, then good luck!

By: Tessa on Sat, Sep 13th 2003

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I just want to know why you have to be over 5'8'' christina Aguilera is the same height as me 5'2'' and she is prettier than most models, and looks good in any thing, so explain?


She isn't even a model and never could be. Face it 5 ft 2 is too short for the runway.

On the otherhand a model for a simple girls magazine is fine, but a super model - no!

Yer, Christina Aguilera could be a model, it's the ones that are arrogant that normally fail in the modelling industry.

Christina is gorgeous - true, but she is already famous doing a totally different career, just because she has her picture taken all the time doesn't mean she is a model! She hasn't got the right figure to be on the catwalk.

I'm 5ft 11" but my measurements are 32, 28, 36, are they ok? are are they to weird?!.

Hey, christina is absolutely stunnin in a way that's acceptable in pop and music, but not in a way that could submit a business into a lot of population. she did model for Versace and Versace is a multi billion selling empire, but it was popular to start off with, Christina just boosted a few of the sales......a lot of her fans are very young, and cannot afford expensive clothes. She is beautiful, but the typical model has to have a perfect, small build figure with height. Christina has womanly curves and is a mere 5ft 2...she has not got the statistics to be a supermodel on the catwalk. I hope I have answered your question to your needs, Caz x.

What if you dont want to be a runway model but just a model for magazines and that type of thing???do your measurements have to be exactly that or what???.

First of all Christina as well as Britney Spears are portraying the wrong image to are girls. I have always wanted to be a model I know have 3 kids at 25 years old one is a boy 21 months old and he is handicapped so there goes my dreams of being a model anyhow I wish luck to all that follow the dream that God has for your life. Please portray a positive role model to the teens. The truth of the matter is teens think that because of people like Tyra Banks, Christina Agulieria and Britney Spears that they have to dress like a whore be some skinnny little bitch. Well let me tell you something that is what is causing girlsto be anorexitic or ballimeic. You may sit here and read this and disagree with me and that is fine but before I started having kids in 2000 I weighed 110 due to the fact that I thought I had to be that skinny little bitch so I stuck my finger down my throat to the point of vomiting up blood and if I didn't get some help I would die so who is to blame lets see people who portray the wrong image. So lets put on the right image the Godly image..

OMG you lot dont know anything! models are not "pretty" they are unusual!. Kate Moss is stunning because she has individual looks! like Sarah Jessica Parker! And it doesnt matter why they want tall people, if you arent tall enough you can't do anything, you can't change modelling forever! Also, they girl who is 5ft11, you sound fin to be a model, but they are about my measurements and i am 5ft8, so you may be a bit skinny, so you will need to check that out..

Can someone please tell me what measurements are ment by 34-24-34.


The fashion industry seems constantly to be attempting to defend itself in the debate over why models are required to be so skinny. Apparently the clothes hang better on an angular frame, hence the enhanced importance of an androgynous, unhealthy look on the catwalk as opposed to glamour modelling... Go figure.

Oh, and 34-24-34 = Bust-waist-hip measurements in inches..

I know this is a total different change of subject - but has anyone heard of Models Direct in Norwich? Are they Genuine?.

Hi, I'm 17, 5'2'', I weigh 110, I have brown hair to the middle of my back, brown eyes, straight teeth, and I was just wondering if you could sent me some sites, or mailing addresses to who I could contact about becoming a model in magazines. But first of all do you think I qualify to become a model..

Hello. i am 16 and 5"7. i weigh 71/2 stone, and i am 32b bust and a size 8. is this acceptable? i understand not fo the catwalk but perhaps for other modelling.

the thing that i wonder is wether or not there is a certain look to go for. e.g hair colour dyed or natural? is it ok to have tattoos? .

Christina is the ugliest girl I've ever seen in my life. Shes not pretty so stop saying she is. And she could never be a model. .

Hi im 5ft7 and size 6to 8 and i think im gud looking people say i shud but im vary slim and not comfort about me body shud i still go for it and where shud i go?.

YALL NEED TO GET REAL. Those people who are actually giving advice on this thread...........who made you the modeling authorities?? There are ALL KINDS of models. You have to ask yourself what kind of model you want to be. There are a HUGE ASSORTMENT of models out there. A modeling agency does not just support RUNWAY MODELS. There are face models, hand models, leg models, hair models, etc. Everyone who is interested in becoming a model needs to target in on what kind of model they want to be. Once you target in, wondering whether or not you qualify as a model is NOT GOING TO GET YOU ANYWHERE. You need to get a friend who's good at and into photography and take some photographs. Get a PORTFOLIO put together. Gather your measurements. You can find out what modeling agency a magazine or clothing store uses by simply calling the company. For example: a customer representative at Victoria's Secret's 800 customer service number will route you to a person who will tell you that Victoria's Secret recruits models from the Ford Modeling Agency (WHO CONSEQUENTLY DOES HAVE TALL HEIGHT REQUIREMENTS). If you e-mail Dickies, they will send you a contact e-mail requesting more information about yourself. The goal is to just get yourself out there. Call companies. Find out how to get recruited as a model for them, and follow the directions. It's a lot of work and dedication and a lot of humbleness. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE TURNED DOWN BUT BE EXTREMELY REALISTIC WITH YOURSELF..

Make way girls heres a real model, the girl who sent that last reply obviously knows what shes talking about, thats exactly what i did, now look where i am! modelling clothes 4 punky-fish and roxy, i've made it to the top and it all started with one phonecall! trust me girls, im 17 and there is nothing better than knowing there are thusands of girls out there who want to be u:) SO DO IT!!!


Hi im realli realli smal coz im 4ft 11'' which ano is stupid askin to be a model but is there such things a face modeling where it is more facial photography. I have dark brown hair blue eyes and im 15, but also very curvy 4 a dwarf! size 8 ..32-26-38.

Whoever wrote that original post seemed to have overlooked 90% of the modelling industry. lol
There are so many different types of modelling, runway fashion is only one small part of it, and to be honest fashion models are not supposed to be gorgeous, they're tall and skinny and those who are most sucessful usually have a more individual and unusual look.
Modelling ranges from fashion, to glamour, to artists model, alternative/alternative fashion parts modelling - hands/nails etc face only models for beauty shots & makeup, promotions, character models who do not even need to be pretty -average can be the perfect look here. That's only a partial list.
In all of the rest except fashion -one on a list of many, your height really doesn't matter. Your size should be proportionate, but size isn't fixed anyway.
What's more important is your ability in front of the camera -to be able to help create images that express exactly what the photographer wants, and your reliability to work with. Modelling is like static acting- you need to have the ability and confidence to do it, not just the looks, and getting yourself started in the industry takes a lot of time and energy! Be prepared to work in exchange for photos for your portfolio and do test shoots before you'll be taken seriously.
Just in case anyone still thinks they have to look like twiggy, I am a 5'4" 38-26-39 model, fits a size 10 in most shops. Don't get me wrong you have to have to have a good figure and spend some time in the gym but there are plenty of us curvy ones around! :) I will never do mainstream fashion, but then a fashion model wouldn't have the shape for glamour.
If anyone here wants to be a model, its harder work than you think, but really enjoyable if its the job for you. Just don't get fooled by any agencies promising fame at a large fee, get out there and get some experience doing TFP (time for prints) work.
If you have the figure for fashion, it may still not be enough as very few fashion models reach the top, but I always say reach for your dreams, just keep a backup plan in case you don't make it to the catwalk.
Oh, and If you're short and really want to do fashion, you can always try petites catalogue modelling, though you usually need to be very small (size 4-8).
No, I'm never going to be a size 4 either! lol

Hey. im a freelance model here. you need not have a lot of looks to be a model as makeup does the trick.what is most important is that you have the figure! and its true that you need not be a model. just get a friend who is good in photography to compile a portfolio!. thats what i do during my spare time and the pictures really turn out well. send it to the computer and do a little bit of editing and viola! its done!

Could someone comment on the plus size modeling industry!!! im 16 and i want to model. Im not fat, but my heritage allows me to have wide hips and a big butt. My measurements are 36-29-45. I think they should have pluss size modling availabe just as much. Im mean the average american girl isn't 5'11, 105 lbs. duh...

This is all very well and good but seems to be aimed only at women. What I want to know is, is it harder for black men to become models? and do you really have to be 30-32 inches? I am 6 foot with a good figure, 6 pack, unique attractive face and have a natural fashion sense, is the colour of my skin going to hold me back? Any replies would be welcome

Why do you have to be in your late teens? I'm 14 but I look older and people say I have a great figure. I don't know my measurements but I do know I'm 5ft 8 and a size 10-12 - is that too big? And does anyone know of any part-time modelling companies in the North-West Area? Maybe Liverpool or Manchester or Stoke-on-Trent?

I thnk it all depend on what modelling you would like 2 do. i wud LOVE 2 model. but, i am not good with cameras. i no that sound funny, but people say im soo pretty n envy me! i no thats wierd cuz i dont thnk its tru. but if thats tru, qhy cant i take good photo's???? it really annoys me! HELP! is there enthin i can dooo??

I think it's so wrong of people to say you have to be thin and stick-like to be a model when there are so many curvy girls out there. Don't you people realise that by portraying the image of the 'perfect body' as thin and fragile is making loads of girls ill? There are girls out there who are so hung up on becoming thin that they make themselves ill! It's so dangerous, and so unfair, to say that to be thin is right.

The fact that everyone is born with different bone structure and body shape should tell you that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and everyone deserves the chance to model if that's what they want. You can't just have models to model clothes for stick thin people because what about the clothes for curvier people??

Most guys agree that curves are sexier than being able to see your bones and curvy girls fill out their clothes alot better than thin girls anyway, so rock on with the curves :-)

Oh darn, i thought that 34-24-34 thing was like, leg and torso measurements...so I was like YESS...but durn it this girl ain't got no boobage! haha oh well. But aren't you supposed to have specific body measurements too, for like a runway model?
you really gotta send pictures out, and if you look good in only one picture well then that proves you're beautiful! besides, you see the weirdest looking people in these fancy advertisements so just do it.

Dont let NOBODY take away your dream. If you want to model , model! Chase your dream. If your family and friends will give you all the support you need to achieve your dreams- well then go on and do it. Even if your not going to do it now. Make a vow and live up to it , and do it when you know the time is right. (18). Runway modeling is rare for shorter hieghts. Nichole Richie is a run way model even when she was on the healthy thicker side and shes no taller then 5'3. They ware shoes that give you a boost. So just because someone says you can model cause of this and that. Theirs always a chance. Hope. Keep it alive in you. Follow your heart.

Hey guys i am 5'4, and curvy and live in a small town in wisconsin, and i am trying to be a model, just to let all you girls out there know if you are shorter there are many things you could do, if you have a more athletic body there are things like sports illustrated, swimsuit models, and if your more curvy there are things like video honeys(girls in rap videos) and clothing for more curvier frames like echo, rockawear, apple bottem jeans ect. trust me the world does like 5'4 girls with some meat. im not takn super fat, i am considerd skinny to some ppl and thick to other i can wear a size 3 to a size 8 and have a very tiny waist and bigger hips, runway models are overrated, i remember a face from a magazine more than i do from a runway. get that portfolio done and do your thing

Im 5'7" and 106 pounds my measurments are 30, 23, 32 are these ok can i still be a model?

You sound to skinny

I am 17, I am a size 12 with 32F bra I weigh about 10 stone. Does anybody know of any modelling agencies that employ girls with curves???

We are a ladies wear company with a genuine opportunity for a half days/full days work for an amateur fashion model. If interested please email mineallmine@hotpop.com for further details
You MUST be based in the north west of england (Chorley/Wigan area), be aged 18 - 29, size 10, over 5ft 9 tall and be comfortable and confident in front of a camera. Reasonable expenses paid plus free professional studio images for your portfolio.

I think that anyone can be a model...just work towards it. I am 15 years old right now, 5'9 or 5'10, 135 pounds, straight teeth and long beautiful legs...and plenty of people have told me to be a model..my measurements are 34-28-34. I want to go on Americas Next Top Model..but im not old enough yet. So definitely making a portfolio is a great idea. Agencies are all looking for different things...so its really how comfortable you feel with yourself. You dont have to be a skinny stick girl...as long as you love yourself. PLUS...the models in magazines are airbrushed and have tons of makeup on...even on trya show...iman told us how much she has to put on for show...with makeup anyone can be beautiful..so maybe if you feel uncomfortable with your face..use a makeup that will make you feel beautiful...everyone deserves to feel good :)

Is 15 to young to start?

i'm quite tall, 5'10, very slim (uk size 6) and very buxom(30H), measurements: 38"-22"-34"

Im eleven and Im 5 foot 4 and a size 4 in England. I weigh 6 stone 9 and have brown hair and green eyes, not that anyone needs to no that really. :) I want to be a model, not a model that walks down the catwalk, looking amazing, a model for a clothes magazine or something, am I to young? Im sure Im not because Ive seen small tiny 6 year olds modelling. x

To be honest.. The classic shape of a model is tall and skinny, and the look depends on the genre of modeling ie. make-up,catwalk,clothes, face,legs, hands etc. Genrally models have a striking look to their faces somthing you can't quite put ur finger on. But the model is basicly a hanger for the designers, the designers want you to look at the clothes not the model wearing it as i said they are just a hanger, they dont want anyone ugly though otherwise it would just look taky as it is ment to be classy for selling the clothes. For the catwalk you can't really have curves as it would take your eyes of the clothes and onto the model. But who said curves wern't beautiful hey?? curves are perfect for underwear and bikinis, and if you have a beatiful face- well make-up!! There are lots of modeling acencys out there,i know one called ugly witch trys to find the most unusall people like overweight, very very tall, weird, ugly!! Strange huh, but you really need to set ur sights on what area you want to do and do a bit of research.

Yeah, i really dont understand how a supermodel has to be a certain size. i dont get how a skinny little toothpick could get all the glory but the rest get shunned. Not everyone is that "petite" and the most beautiful people are those with meat on their bones...let me ask you this. Lets say that theres 2 magazines: asupermodel's magazine and a regular magazine with thick women...who do you think emn would look at more? Hey, it might be stupid what im saying but its the truth. its not cute to be that skinny, to have your bones bulging out from your skin!! thats disgusting...Clothes look way better on people who have meat on their bones. People are so dumb, and then they try to make us seem like the inferior ones, just because we like to eat. They're so stupid!!
Im 5'2, a size 9 in pants [[whatever inch that is]] where size S in shirts and my breast are 34b...and to tell you the truth and not to brag...my body looks way better than them toothpicks...I am Hispanic, and dont you think it would be harder for me?
Why, you might ask? just because i have a butt popping out...they dont like anything thats beautiful on people...they want you look like a ugly, skinny, anorexic zombie!! I just dont get it...I think it shouldnt matter what size you are because there's other sizes other than anorexic...[[THANK YOU]]

I think that the thing with runway designers is that the models shouldn't attract more attenton than the clothes themselves, but should ideally enhance them - and, sorry if it's hard to swallow, but really tall women can look strange in real life but on a catwalk, they DO look better than shorter women (do not think I am biased - I am 155cm - or 5ft)and the thing about being stick thin is, I guess like was said above, women with curves fill out the clothes and attract attention to themselves, which is not what the designers want. And also, when I look closely at some catwalk models, while my first thought is "Jesus, I want to look like her", my second is always "That CANNOT be natural". I remember someone told me this once - "When a brilliant musician who's practiced hard and long, and reached the top, produces a great symphony, do you feel jelous? When a great artist, who's practiced hard and long, and reached the top, produces a great masterpiece, do you feel jelous? Do you feel the urge to put in all the time, dedication and hard work they do, or do you go to WH Smith's and buy a colour-by-numbers to tell everyone YOU pained it? No, you don't. So why do you feel jelous when a woman (with already good genes - but no more so than the creative skill and musical talent of the artist and musician) who's job it is to look good and show off things - and be stick-thin and strange-looking, maybe - is splashed over the glossies? Why do you "buy the colour-by-numbers" and stick two fingers down your throat or simply refuse food? They may endanger your life, but they won't give the face or the height or the comfort in front of the camera or any other of the thousand-and-one factors needed to be a model. (BTW, the quote ended a while back. This is just me ranting :)) I don't think the models themselves are responsible for the anorexia and bulimia. I think that it's people's self-image and esteem. Stop slamming models - their just doing their jobs, like pest-control or tax-collectors (although no one emulates THEM, lol) But you see what I mean? I'd LOVE to model, but I've kind of recognised it's just a dream - I'm nowhere near tall enough and CANNOT take good photos :( lol, but I still like to look at things like this (haha). So, 15, weigh 98 pounds, height 5ft, bust 32/4 C, fit size six (dk my measurements lol) long legs + good in heels. Could I be a model? Possibly, but probably not.
I'm NOT saying give up on your dream. I've recognised I can't - but there are tons of girls - and boys - who could, and only the ones who put themselves out there CAN achieve it - so send out and you could beat out dozens more, better looking people - because YOU were the one with the confidence to do so :)

Could I be a model?
I'm 14 and my measurements are 28-24-32.

Could I do any sort of modelling? I'm 5 foot 8, 36-27-36, have great chest & butt. worst thing is knees which are rather large, and big nose. have great smile =D

Correction, hips=35

Could I be a model my measurements are 34.5, 23.5, 34.5 and I'm 5ft 6.

Hey, im 5ft6 and i am 16, i have done a few modelling shoots but only for hairstyles, my measurements are 32-25-32. I weigh about 45kg, is it a good idea to get myself signed up to a proper modelling agency?

I enjoy modelling as a hobby.
There is a market out there for everyone, you have plus size models, petite models, glamour models, etc etc.
If your thinking of being a supermodel and becoming famous then your not being realistic, however if you enjoy posing, being in front of a camera and wearing different clothes and lingerie then there is no reason why you cant enjoy modelling as a hobby and even earn a little money after you have built up a decent portfoilo of pictures and got a good reputation.
Try the modelling website pure storm. or model mayhem.

Ok , Take my age in to consideration , I'm 11 years old and I girl , Im 5'4 and my measurements are 32-25-32 x

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