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How To Create A Universe


Interestingly, it seems that this is theoretically possible.

It would also be safe. The universe created in the lab would evolve as an isolated closed universe, and would grow rapidly in size becoming huge, without displacing our current territory! The theory is already being worked upon by physicists, and very soon perhaps they will be creating their own universes!

By: Dan on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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I agree, the theory is sound and the idea may become reality - no pun intended!

However, experiments like these shoud NEVER be conducted. While a new universe could be created and allowed to grow, without interacting our one.

It should be noted that if left and evolution was allowed to form complex systems which include life. Would we not have a responsiblity beyond our control???


Not wishing to change the subject too much, but... surely in a very 'real' way conception is the creating of a new universe...

or am I living in a world of my own???.

How do we know that didn't happen with our universe?

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