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Create Useful Free Software For Viral Business Marketing

Business : Viral Marketing

If you can create simple but useful software for others and give it away for free do so - along with an advertising message for your business.

It doesn't matter what you have created, if you can give it away for free then do so.

For instance maybe you have created a really useful little organiser tool where you input your diary and it pops up automatically each day what you have to do - whilst there may be programs out there to do this, if people find yours first they are likely to download it - and then people will have a subtle advertising link to your business every day.

Useful pieces of software or free tools can be picked up in a very viral fashion and rapidly spread to thousands of users, far beyond the reach of an ordinary marketing campaign.

Therefore your marketing is only limited by your ideas and your creativity, not simply by your marketing budget!

By: Job Expert

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