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How To Create Your Own Eyebrows

Beauty : Eyes

If you have lost your eyebrows or have very thin eyebrows either through over plucking, very light hair or just naturally being thin in the eyebrow department, then you may decide to draw them in.

In fact this is more common than you think; many people go overboard plucking and then realise they have done it too much. However you should take your time and try to get it right - nothing looks sillier than eyebrows that are obviously drawn in!

What you should do to get the best effect is to not draw a line. Rather create a series of very small dashes - e.g. a long broken line. This is more akin to the natural effect which is lots of little hairs and not a constant line. You can even try loads of small, tiny dots if you have the patience for the best effect possible.

By: Stephanie

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