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Crossword Solving Tips

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When doing a crossword, there are some tips that might help you solve the puzzle.

One is with regard to plurals - if you see a plural clue, then the answer will more often than not end with 's'.

Also note the tenses, as often you can write these in in advance. Similarly words ending 'ING' can often be used and written in before you know what the answer is, and can then be used to help solve other clues.

If there are anagrams in the clues, then try to work these out first. At best note down the letters that must be at the inter-sections to help eliminate possible other clues.

Practice makes perfect. The writers for puzzles in each paper or magazine tend to have their own individual styles, and the only way to find them out is through playing.

Finally try to familiarise yourself with the writers' favourite and obscure words. Particularly useful to know are the names of animals as these often spring up.

By: Stephen

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