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Cut The Cost Of Your Flights

Money : Money Management

Flights are one of the most variable priced goods that there are... the person in the seat next to you receiving exactly the same service may have paid several times more or less than you.

Factors that affect cost are:
- the time of the year you book to travel
- which airline you book
- the airport you book from
- how far in advance you booked
- special offers

If you possibly can, always try to avoid going in the peak months when the schools are out and everyone is travelling - the costs here are usually sky high. If you can hold out until September for your holiday you can still usually get great weather in many places across Europe and around the world and save significantly.

Consider going with budget airlines; whilst you don't get served food you can just take sandwiches with you so its no great hardship really.

Also keep an eye out for deals; most airlines have these periodically in the papers and often they amount to you just having to pay the airport taxes - the flight itself is practically free.

By: Fred

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