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Cyprus And A Great Spa Break

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For a spa break of the top quality type in Cyprus, then you could do worse than check out the Thalassa Boutique Hotel, Paphos.

This place has great views of a coral bay, and inside is even better.

There is a large range of treatments on offer from the orthodox to the strictly slightly strange, and on top of this there is also the real possibility of doing some celebrity spotting as quite a few of them have stayed here over the years and frittered away some money in style.

It is not particularly cheap, as for a couple sharing a room the prices for a week are around 1270 minimum so this is only for those who can really afford it!

By: Fred

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Questions about spa holidays:

I am deaf aged 84 w a little hearing assistance spaniel.I want to stay in Paphos...
- Mon, Dec 7th 2009

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