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How To Deal With A Family Cruise

Relationships : Family Holidays

If the family is going on a cruise, then it can cause tension.

There is always one person in each family who is not, shall we say, a fan of boats and is therefore miserable before the holiday even begins.

It could be due to travel sickness or simply not liking being at sea, but there is usually someone who is less keen than the others, and so that's the person you will need to focus on when it comes to the family cruise holiday!

The recommendation is that you therefore treat them with kid gloves and if they get wound up then try not to rise to the bait but even be a little understanding of them.

When on board the ship try to ensure that you do different activities during the day so that you aren't under each others hair - you don't need to stick together.

For instance if some want to go swimming in the pool, others want to go dancing or whatever, then it's fine to do that - and each having your own activities that you enjoy and do is actually the best way to stop family wars erupting as happens when you want to do a and someone else wants to do b!

By: Stephanie

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