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How To Deal With A Partner Working Shifts

Relationships : Marriage

Working shifts is a very tricky thing. And not only can it be difficult for the person working shifts, it can be difficult for the partner too.

The fact is that some people find it not too hard to do shift work, whilst for others it is a real strain.

Whichever way, when you start working shifts that involve very late or very early hours, it can be hard. The strain on the body can lead to irritability, mood swings, and of course lots of tiredness and insomnia whilst they adjust to new shift patterns, and some people find they just cannot sleep during the day no matter how hard they try.

So this can lead to strain on a relationship therefore. If your partner is one such person then all you can do is be very supportive and sympathetic.

If they get moody or snap cut them a little slack whilst they are adjusting to the patterns and just remember it is not because of you they are snapping but rather due to their shift work.

If you find it difficult to sleep when your partner is on shifts, perhaps because they come in late and wake you up, then consider almost emulating their shift pattern to some extent if this is possible.

Be as organised as you can and work out a schedule of what has to be done when - sometimes you might forget bills and other essential 'to do' items whilst you are working on a new shift pattern, so be as organised and sensitive as you can.

By: Stephanie

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