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How To Deal With An Argument

Relationships : Marriage

Dealing with an argument in marriage - well different people will recommend different things.

I am always a great believer in the common sense approach.

As soon as you realise during the argument that it is escalating - and this is the difficult bit - walk away. It may be really hard, but train yourself to just walk away at that stage before the damage is done and harder to repair.

Then give both of you the chance to calm down and collect your thoughts.

Then be the big person and make the apology first, and then sort out the problem rationally and calmly. Too many arguments escalate out of control because at the time each partner wants to 'win' the argument and sometimes this means getting bigger and bigger with the insults and causing more and more damage.

So exercise some self control and restrain from crossing the line of acceptability when making comments during an argument, and just move on.

By: Stephanie

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