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How To Deal With Awkward Customers

Business : Running Your Business

We all want and need business, and of course we advertise to a broad range of people in our market or sector.

On most occasions, we end up working with people that are decent and reasonable. But from time to time, sadly, someone comes along who turns out to be real hard work - perhaps has unrealistic expectations, and consequently are too much trouble, forcing you to spend much longer on an item than you quoted for.

What do you do in this situation?

Well, the key is to try and actively discourage that sort of customer from coming to you in the first place - whilst it can be hard to reject any potential business, it is best for all concerned that you do exactly that, in this specific instance.

Ensure that you do an assessment of all potential customers before working with them - ask them about their attitude to your product, their expectations, timescales and more. You soon get a good impression from a meeting as to what the person is like, whether you will get on and what their demans will be.

If you think they are likely to be awkward then simply put them off up front. This may mean raising your prices greatly, referring elsewhere, or making it crystal clear that they get a set number of hours of your time and that's it, even if they think there are tweaks needed to the final product.

By: Stephen

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