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How To Deal With Binge Eating Triggers

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Doc Says:

So your trying to suppress some emotion, anger, stress, depression, or loneliness. Either way the end result is usually a feeling of guilt.

Understanding and resolving your feelings, is the best way to get off these feeding frenzies.

Here are some things that will provide some help.

Write About Your Feelings.
Write down your feelings in a letter, you don?t intend to send. This will help keep your hands and mind occupied. Take your anger out in a letter. You?ll learn healthier ways to deal with negative emotions.

Antibinge A Hot Line.
When you feel like pigging out, call a friend. This could just be a sign of loneliness, or social isolation. Create a phone chain of different people you can call, when lonely, or bored.

Count To 20.
The next time you get a food craving, wait 20 minutes before you succumb. Most food cravings that aren?t due to hunger, will subside by this time. If after 20 minutes you?re still hungry, than you probably do need food. You should also do something incompatible with eating. Go for a walk.

Take To Aerobics.
Some type of aerobic exercise, is a great way to kill food cravings. Vigorous exercise for 20 minutes, can break a cycle of stress related binging. Several people report a sense of physical well being after 20 minutes.

Drown Your Sorrows.
If emotion rather than hunger, is driving you to eat, drinking lots of water can help.
It refreshes the taste buds, and fills the belly. This reduces your food cravings as well.

Choose Low Fat Alternatives.
If your craving say ice cream. Then go ahead and have a scoup of frozen yogurt.
You need something. You can?t deny yourself of a little something.. You?ll go crazy, and binge out even more.later.

Sizzle Your Tastebuds.
Ever try to wolf down hot spicy foods.
Say chili peppers, or bowl of spicy chili, horseradish, or curry? No right? Well when your urge is overwhelming, reach for one of these. Spicy foods also speed up metabolism. So you won?t gain as much.

Eat Three Squares Every Day.
Many people set themselves up by, restricting their food while dieting. When you skip breakfast, and have only a salad for lunch.
All you?re doing is starving for food, by the time dinner rolls around. So you will eat everything, and any thing.
What you need to do is eat three sensible meals per day, even when dieting.
This way your body won?t experience this intense starvation, and you?ll be better able to control night time binges.

By: Bev

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