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How To Deal With Christmas Stress


Manage your expectations by being careful with how much you spend on presents. Children sometimes expect a lot more than is realistic and parents feel they have to deliver to keep them happy, but this is not the case. You can still be generous but don't overdo it. Find a compromise.

Make sure you leave plenty of time to do the shopping so there is not a rush on the 24th. Make a list of everything you need and do it at least a week before. You can still buy one or two last things nearer to the time if you have to.

Dont focus on finding the perfect gift. Put thought into it, but you dont need to stress over it. Its only one day and they will forget about the new presents a week later anyway.

Remember not do overdo it on the food and alcohol. Just because its there, doesnt mean you need to consume all of it. You will just feel bad the next day. The most important thing is being with family and having a good time.

By: Danielle

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