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How To Deal With Intimidating Behaviour

Sport : Tennis

Sadly some people try to use intimidation or a temper to get them better results in matches.

What do you do if an opponent gets angry on court? Well, there are a few possibilities.

If the anger is directed at themselves for playing bad shots, and they start swearing for instance or whacking the ball (away from you!) then you simply need to keep your calm, not be intimidated, and play on.

The good news is that their anger is consuming them and this is good for you - it will be easier actually for you to win in this scenario because they are more focussed on their anger than their play.

However, if their intimidation is directed at you - either through language, constantly hitting the ball right at you, and so on, then there are a couple of options.

If you are able, have a word with them and tell them it's not acceptable. This is often actually enough to stop because they do it to see if they can get power over you.

If this is not a viable option, then simply walk off court and refuse to play with them in that mood. This may mean contacting the referee if at a tournament, but if a league match or remote competition match, think nothing of walking off court and refusing to play.

No one deserves to be intimidated on court, and you are no exception.

By: Stephen

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