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How To Deal With Nervous Interview Candidates

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Some candidates will naturally be more nervous than others.

This might mean that they do not answer in the manner that they can, and do not do themselves justice at interview.

With some jobs, this might be a sign that they are not suitable. However, for many jobs the situation of the interview room is nothing like the actual job and therefore their nerves won't impinge how they do their job at all.

If you are genuinely interested in a candidate but feel that nerves are preventing them doing their best, what can you do to improve things and settle them down?

Well, one thing is to take a short break. Take a toilet break, or get a tea or coffee.

Try to smile and be particularly gentle in your questioning, but of course still ask the questions you need to. Be sure to show keen interest in answers, for instance nodding as appropriate.

Another thing to try and do is to break up the interview scenario by moving your chairs. Sit at right angles to the candidate rather than directly opposite - this will instantly relax many candidates because it is less formal and less interview like when the person sits at right angles - more like a meeting and less like an interview.

By: Job Expert

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