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How To Deal With Redundancy

Career : Job Search

A lot of people who look for a new job are doing so because they have been made redundant from their previous role.

Therefore they may have low self esteem, which will jeopardise their likelihood of getting a new job.

If this applies to you, then you need to learn to deal with your redundancy before you move on to get a job, to give yourself the best chance.

The key is not to get too upset - be philosophical about it. Remember that these things happen in the modern world - there are no jobs for life these days at all.

If it helps, discuss the situation full-bloodedly with friends or family, try to get everything off your chest over the course of a few days.

Then review your finances, and find out just what you have set aside, and how long you can manage with your rainy day money, as it is called.

Ideally, then set yourself a target of three months to get a new job.

Ensure that if there is any redundancy payout or any benefits to obtain from your previous employer that you apply for everything you are entitled to. You may also need to discuss your pension and how that works now that you have left the company.

Finally, try to maintain good relations with your old employer and act professionally - after all you may need a reference from your former boss when you get your next job!

By: Job Expert

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