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How To Deal With Slugs And Snails

Gardening : Gardens

Set jars of beer or milk into the ground to attract slugs and snails which will fall in and be drowned, and if your compost heap is harbouring the pests add some poisonous rhubarb leaves to the pile to drive them away.

It also helps to leave a pile of dry leaves under a hedge to encourage hedgehogs who will soon make a meal of any slugs or snails they find. A small pond which will also encourage frogs has the same effect.

By: Erna Yule on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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This really works I have several dozen roses in my front lawn and snails were an issue ,I put out the bowls of beer and the party was on they will climb over one another and pile up to get to into it. works great & they don't mind the cheap stuff! .

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