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How To Deal With Warts

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Doc Says:

No Prince Charming didnít bring them, nor did the neighbors frog
These are contagious and spread. Can have one or a cluster. Keep all hands off of them . Do not pick, bite, trim or touch them.
They are a virus. Can even be spread by shaving.

Common warts are found on the face, hands, feet, and forearms. Will range in size from a pinhead to a small bean. These warts most often occur on skin that is continuously exposed to friction, trauma, or abrasion.

These warts can be flat, or raised, or dry, or moist, and have a rough pitted surface that is either flesh colored, or darker than the surrounding skin. They cause no itching or pain, so let them disappear on their own.

Some people have tried to treat a wart that was a cancerous lesion.


Learn how to identify a lesion, corn, callus, mold, and wart. Itís amazing how many people have treated these as warts.
Some have even tried to cut off a wart, that was a callus.

A wart is a benign skin tumor, that can erupt on any part of the body. Singly or in clusters.

If they do become bothersome there are ways to eliminate them. A crushed garlic on the wart covered with a bandage for 24 hours is one way. Blisters will form and then the warts will fall off in about a week.

If the virus is in the air, you can pick it up like any other viral infection.

Keep your shoes on. Warts like a moist environment. So when around swimming pools, health clubs, and locker rooms, wear those plastic thong sandals.

Change Your Shoes.
Since the wart virus likes to breed in moist places, you need to change your shoes frequently, and air them out between wearings. We all have more than one pair.

If your at a health club or gym, you may want to clean the shower out first, with a product called Lysol.
This will kill any viruses or bacteria. Or just use bleach.

Donít Touch.
If you have a wart on the bottom of your foot, and you have a cut say on your finger, you risk getting a wart there.

Lets Play It Cool.
People seem to be more susceptible to warts, when there under stress, or eat poorly.
Warts always seem to spread more also.

Stay Dry
Warts thrive in moisture. So if you keep the feet very dry, you can prevent planterís warts.

Zinc 50 mg daily will increase immunity against viruses.

Increase these sulfur containing acids in your diet. Asparagus, citrus fruits, eggs, garlic, and onions.

Freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen and fulguration with electrical cautery, are other commonly used treatments for warts. Also burning, scraping, cutting, injecting, or zapping with a laser.

Genital and Venereal Warts. These are a single or a cluster of growths found in or around the vagina, anus, penis, groin, or scrotal areas. These are sexually transmitted, and highly contagious. Males also contract these warts on their genitals.

If venereal warts are suspected women should immediately have a pap test.
Men if they suspect venereal warts should immediately see their doc.

Women who have been diagnosed with genital warts, should have a vaginal and urine pap smear, every six months due to increased risk for cancer.

The incubation period for genital warts is usually three months, or even longer.

Early detection is important, because this virus can be spread before the carrier is even aware that he or she has it.

By: Bev

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