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How To Deal With Your Mistakes At Work

Career : Workplace Issues

We all make mistakes. Fact of life. And we all at some time make mistakes at work. But rather than being terrified that our mistakes will be discovered, we can deal with them quickly and perhaps even gain some advantage from our mistakes!

Here's the idea.

Own up to your mistakes actually before they are discovered. When you do so don't say 'I made a big mistake', just say that you have come to realise that there is an issue with something - whether it is a paper you have written, a presentation - it doesn't really matter which.

Once you have done that, give a clear and precise list of what you will do in order to amend and rectify the situation.

This way you have identified a problem and worked out how to resolve it without your boss or anyone else giving input - very impressive - and far from worrying about the mistake most bosses will just be pleased and thank you for sorting it out.

By: Job Expert

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