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How To Decide On Running A Marathon

Sport : Athletics

Many people each year enter marathons for fun, or to support a charity. The personal challenge of the marathon, the most gruelling race, terrifies some - whilst it fills others with great excitement.

But should you enter a marathon? Well there is one key consideration. You can't just enter the marathon then turn up on the day. You will need plenty of preparation, training and therefore dedication. If you just can't spare the time or don't have basic fitness then the marathon is not for you.

You should remember that if you enter a marathon you will need to do around sixteen weeks of training in the lead up to the event - that is a lot of hours, a lot of potentially early mornings or late evenings before and after work; therefore if you can't commit to that then don't enter.

The bottom line is that a marathon requires lots of preparation; if it is worth doing, then it is worth doing well.

By: Stephen

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