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How To Decide The Focus Of Your Copy

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One of the toughest things for a copywriter to do is to write a piece of copy that fits the brief perfectly.

Many talented writers could write excellent copy, but the best copywriters are able to analyse, absorb, understand and write TO a brief quickly. This is a highly sought after skill, as not many people have it.

So how do you decide what to focus your copy around? Well, you should read the brief and work out what the one KEY message it is trying to communicate is - and then write around this theme.

For instance, if the brief is to write about a new product, then it is fairly obvious the focus is about that new product, and informing the customer about it.

However, sometimes it is more obscure and you will need to take a call as to whether you should be emphasising x or y.

You should also remember the audience of the piece - and tailor according to the audience. If writing for children you will need to be even clearer and straightforward in your language.

If you are writing for a technical audience, you can afford to be more precise and use technical language, if for a lay audience then you need to translate harder concepts into clear everyday language without losing accuracy and meaning.

It is a tough skill to perfect, and is not something that can be achieved overnight!

By: Job Expert

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