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How To Decorate Your Entrance At Christmas


A nice cheery entrance to the home is great fun at Christmas - for you, the kids and visitors.

It really shows what time of year it is as soon as the door is opened and feels extra homely and has that nice warm feel to it.

How to decorate the entrance? Well, one of the best ways is to dress the front of your door with a really nice attractive wreath.

You can buy them all ready made these days from many shops and they look just like the real thing - then you can always personalise them yourself if you wish or drape a little tinsel over.

Also consider putting wreaths on internal doors and even over windows - particularly if you concerned that too nice a one on the front door might go missing!

The other great thing with wreaths is that they are very durable, so you can use them year in year out then just store them in between - whereas many more delicate decorations start to look a bit sorry for themselves after a few years, the wreath will go on for years!

By: Stephanie

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