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Decorating A Gift


Sometimes we just want to create a beautiful gift, you might have an amazing present for someone, but maybe you don't want to just pop it into a gift bag or wrap it in paper like usual.
Putting gifts in boxes are the new trend, and you can create a beautiful gift by following these instructions.

You will need: Some tissue paper which has been sliced (whatever colour you like, but its great to colour co-ordinate with the gift box/tags or the present itself, or even the recipents favourite colour!)
A gift box (small,medium or large)
Some ribbon
(All of the above can be brought at www.paperchase.com where they have a beautiful and fantastic range of gift accesories)

Get your gift, and dont wrap it, although you could wrap in some tissue paper.
Put the shredded tissue paper into the gift box, and then place your gift on top. Put the box lid on and take your ribbon and tie a bow around the box. The gift is then ready!

By: Jade

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