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How To Determine Resting Metabolic Rate

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Resting metabolic rate is called RMR for short and it helps you measure more accurately just how many calories you need during the course of the day.

This is the useful measure for calculating what you need to stay as you are, and is your weight in pounds x 10.

For simplicity if you weight 200 lbs then the RMR is 2,000 calories.

Now, if you do exercise and so on then you burn calories and therefore use calories, you will see that on that day you need to add on that number of calories to the RMR, so say you did 300 of exercise that is 2,300.

There are many other calculations you can do to work out roughly what your RMR is and it can help give you a guide as to whether or not you are losing or gaining weight.

By: Carl

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