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How To Diet Successfully

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Millions of adults have been on diets at some stage of their lives. Millions are at this very moment, and thousands attempt to start a diet each day. But thousands also go wrong.

Why many diets don't work

Boredom is one of the main reasons that people give up on their diets. Most diets consist of rabbit food and other uninspiring things. No wonder they are hard to stick to. Hmm!

The basic thing to remember is that to lose weight is simple in theory - the golden rule follows: you must consume fewer calories than you use. Simple isn't it?! In theory yes. Remember that fat contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates. Cut down on fat and you will cut down on calories. So eating occasional sweet snacks, instead of crisps or fatty snacks, will help.

Weight loss - be patient!

Also be patient - dramatic results cannot be achieved healthily in the course of a week and should not be expected. Fad diets can be dangerous, are invariably hard to stick to and just result in the weight being put back on at some stage.

Remember to exercise - start off gently at first and always consult your doctor if in any doubt, but a healthy lifestyle will help contribute to a healthy and lean body.

Cut back on calories

Discover where you can cut back on the calories in your diet but without starving and having unimaginative food - wherever possible replace fats with sugars. So instead of having butter on your bread, have jam. Instead of crisps have a small chocolate bar once or twice a day. Have leaner meats instead of red meat. If you reward yourself with fish and chips or something similar, do not feel guilty!

By: Tessa Seymour on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

More dieting advice

There is no big secret to losing weight, you just have to burn off more calories than you consume. Therefore, just incorporate some exercise into your weekly diary, preferably 4 times a week and providing you exercise hard for about 1 hour and eat sensibly but not DIET, as you feel deprived you will lose weight.

You will be able to eat chocolate, crisps, takeaways, chips, providing you eat a balanced diet.

I lost 8 pounds in one summer and everyone noticed it was great. All I did was walk around my block for 1 hour just before I took a shower at night. That way exercise is the last thing you do and you burn what ever it is you ate for dinner. I also tried not to eat anything past 8 o'clock that way my body can digest everything and its not sitting there.

My tricks for dieting without dieting:

- Add foods to your diet, rather than taking them away. Set a goal to eat five servings of fresh, raw vegetables and drink a gallon of water each day. This made me healthier in general (prettier skin and hair!) and also filled me up, so that when I went to eat favorite foods like bread and chocolate, I'd choose a smaller portion.

- Start each day with a bowl of raw, leafy greens (spinach, mustard, arugula, or kale) dressed with soy sauce and lemon.

- Try not to eat too many foods with preservatives in them, especially gums and thickeners.

To simply lose weight, and this really does work, drink as much water as you can. i know it might sound like everybody is saying it but it really does work! The extra water in your intestines helps digest your food, and flushes out your system! Try drinking a tall glass of water after dinner and eating to help. .

CELERY is a key snack! beacuse it burns more calories than it contains! Get Munching people!!.

Ya, The best thing to loose weight is to drink water. one or two glass in the morning before coffee or tea, then after each meal, before sleeping at night clean up teeth with toothpaste - brush after that drink 1 or two glass water. At this time after brushing water taste the best.

I did this and still loosing weight, I never give up food, I eat every thing in small qantity. Sometimes I never get a chance to walk much or exercise, this water drinking helps a lot, and lot..

Yes it is true! I am a classic over eater all my life. I just burned more calories off than I took in. I added exercise and some weight-lifting. I lose 85 lbs in 21 months!.

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