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How To Do A Crossword

Games : Puzzles

Here are some simple tips on completing a crossword.

First of all, go through the whole crossword once and write in any clues that you know the answer to straight off the bat.

Once that is done, work through again and see if the letters are enough to work out all the answers.

Sometimes, that's all the strategy that you need. If not, time to get clever:

Look for plural words or words that almost certainly end in 'ed' or 'ing' for instance, and write in these letters... then see if these extra letters help you solve some more clues, and if so then go around again and do the next round of solving.

If you are still stuck, then one method would be to ask for help - two brains are better than one!

If you are stubborn and want to finish a crossword yourself, then the next tool will be to arm yourself with a synonym dictionary - use it for as little clues as you can, but you should find that this gives you some more answers.

Of course, always use a pencil to solve a puzzle so that

you can rub out any mistakes that you might make along the way!

By: Stephen

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