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How To Do A Layup In Basketball

Sport : Basketball

A basketball layup is defined as shooting a basket on the run. You must position yourself on the far right of the free throw line and approach the basket slowly as you dribble the ball. You should aim for the upper right hand corner of the square printed on the backboard, and when you are about 6 feet away from the basket you should stop dribbling the ball.

Basketball: The Layup Technique

Pick up the ball as you step forward with your right foot, then bring your left foot forward and jump off it, shooting as you do so and aiming the ball for the above point on the backboard. As you make the jump, your right knee should come up to your chest.

Practice your basketball layup

This movement of picking up the ball, stepping, jumping and shooting should be done without thinking in-between, so you have to practise until you can perform the move effortlessly in one go.

Normally you shoot with your right hand, but if you are left handed it will be your left hand and the above instructions will be reversed.

By: Paula Edmonton on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

More basketball advice

To do a layup you should dribble the basketball towards the net dribble with your right hand if your on the right side of the hoop. When you get close to the net bend your left knee and take off with your left knee your right knee should come up with you then take the basketball and put it in the hoop.

If you are on the left side do the opposite dribble with your left take off with your right then your left knee should come up with you. Always use the knee that is close to the basket to take off with.

My Basketball coach is teaching me how to do a layup in basketball

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