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Do's And Don'ts Of The Modelling Industry


If you're interested in getting into the modelling industry, you will need to speak to lots of agencies. Some have scheduled walk in times, but you could also write to them and attach a few photos - but not professional ones. You will need a clear head shot, and also a full body one, ideally without you wearing make up.

To increase your chances of being signed, look after yourself as much as possible - exercise regularly and drink plenty of water to keep you looking young and fresh.

Most agencies encourage girls to go make up free to an interview - they want to see your natural beauty. If you are under 18, they will contact your parents so you will need to have permission from them first.

Do not send your details to any old agency - there are a few rogue ones out there so seek advice from professional models and make sure the companies are legitimate. Ask for their contact number before you give out your personal information. Then you can contact them once you have done further research to check they are decent. Again, if you are approached on the street, do not give your details out - take their business card instead. All reputable agencies will be AMA listed.

Never part with your money - you should never be asked to pay for your portfolio.

Dress to suit your personality, be bubbly and smiley and you cant go far wrong.

By: Danielle

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