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How To Dress After Losing Weight

Beauty : Clothes And Fashion

Losing weight is the hard part, and buying the new wardrobe is the fun part!

Surprising then, that many women do not do so, but stick to their old clothes. This has two effects:

First, it makes it harder for people to notice that you have lost weight, as your old clothing will be lose fitting and not adapt to your new figure

Second, it will be easier to revert to type and old weight because that comfort zone is there in the clothes

Rather, you should make an effort to go out and get a new wardrobe from top to bottom - or as much as you can afford.

Not only will this make you feel better and rewarded, it will also mean that it is easier for others to see and the compliments will start. It will also encourage you to stay at your new weight.

By: Stephanie

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