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How To Dump Your Girlfriend

Relationships : Teenagers

If it's time to dump then don't hang about:

- don't do it in front of her friends, choose a quiet moment

- work out why in advance - she's a girl so she's bound to ask 'why'... if it's a bad reason, make it sound a little better - e.g. don't just say 'because i think you're ugly now', just say that you've drifted apart or something

- if you get a new girlfriend soon, try not to rub it in her face - she might be upset by that!

By: Carlton

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Girls HATE it when you just say I think we should breakup. Girls still want to be your friends not your enemy! So be polite about it please!

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hi there me and my girlfriend really just arent going to well latley and ive fal...
- Mon, Feb 9th 2009

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