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How To Earn Money As A Look A Like

Beauty : Celebrity Look

If you are a celebrity look a like, then there is money to be earnt. Perhaps you won't make a fortune but you can still make a decent income on the side.

The main opportunities will be events looking for either an impersonator, or depending on the celebrity there is even the possibility of work as a double on set, for instance as a stunt double.

You should contact local agencies and see if they have work in the look a like arena or know who might be interested they are sure to find some interesting contacts for you.

Also remember that usually wearing sunglasses like the celeb themselves often makes the look more convincing as eyes are one of the most distinctive features about a person - many look a likes look very similar with sunglasses on but much less so without, so when showing an agent your look wear sunglasses.

By: Stephanie

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