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How To Earn Money As A Teenager

Money : Money Management

1. If you are 16 or above you are old enough to get a job in a supermarket, department store or restaurant. Bear in mind, however, that the rates of pay will probably differ according to minimum wage guidelines for 16-18 year olds, but always make sure you know the base line payment so that you can check you are not being exploited.

The most popular places for weekend work for young people are fast food chains, supermarkets, restaurants and high street stores. These jobs are usually fairly paid and can often include perks like staff discounts, which can reach a very high level if it is part of your job to promote the store's clothes by wearing them at work.

2. If you are still at school, you can really only work weekends and perhaps the odd evening; however if you are a college or university student you may be more flexible. But in either case, the important thing is to keep your part time work in perspective.

It can be very tempting to take on extra shifts to the detriment of your academic work, all for the sake of another day's wages. So think carefully before you accept any job, and work out how much time you can afford to give.

3. It is very useful to gain experience in serving in a restaurant, or if you are over 18, working in a bar as these skills will always be useful when it comes to finding part time work throughout student life.

Even better if you can enhance the skills you already have, eg. By learning silver service waiter/waitress methods.

4. A lot of big shops and restaurants find that there is no need to advertise vacancies these days as they always have a waiting list of applicants on hold. So don't just assume that there are no jobs on offer because there is no sign in the window.

Go in and ask, and even if the answer is no, you will often be allowed to fill in an application form or leave your name and address to be kept on file should a suitable post arise.

5. If such work does not appeal to you, or you are too young to apply for such employment, there are many other ways to earn money. Babysitting is the most popular method, and you can advertise your services in a local newsagent or supermarket.

However this is only an option if you are certain you can handle kids!!

6. Gardening services - you can do basic garden work like lawn mowing and weeding in the summer around your neighbourhood. Sometimes for this kind of work it is helpful to team up with a friend as you will get the work done faster and therefore be able to take on more jobs.

Another similar idea is a car washing service, this can involve simply washing the outside of the car, to giving it a full clean out inside as well.

7. Dog walking or general pet sitting - if you like animals, you can be paid to look after people's pets while they are away on holiday. In some cases you may be required to take them to your own home though, therefore it is sensible to okay this with your family first.

8. House cleaning or garage cleaning can also prove a useful service to provide to busy people. It is tiring work but if you do a good job, word will spread!

9. If you are studying a particular subject at university, you can offer personal tuition to school children, perhaps on an hourly basis. If you arrange to meet at their home, make sure you leave contact details with someone for obvious safety reasons.

10. If you are especially competent in computers and the internet, you could offer a service whereby you visit people in their homes or vice versa, and teach them the basic principles of word processing/web design/internet use etc, as there are a number of older people out there who have no idea what to do but are keen to learn!

By: Bev on Sat, Jun 22nd 2002

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