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How To Eat Fast Food And Stay Healthy

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The key to this is simple - if you want to eat fast food, then make sure that you do so in moderation.

Many people do not realise it, but eating fast food is fine if done occasionally, specifically if as a treat.

It has recently been shown that the tongue has specific taste receptors for fat, which explains properly why some people have a real love of fatty foods.

It is thought that this is important in evolutionary terms as when food is scarce this receptor can be turned on, in order to promote eating fatty and hence calorie rich foods.

If you do eat fast food, try to replace the chips element where possible with a fresh, healthy salad. The salt that usually laces chips in fast food joints is one of the worst elements of the meal.

Replacing this and having orange juice instead of a soft drink can greatly help reduce the impact of the fast food on your body.

The bottom line is that moderation in all things is a particularly healthy attitude when it comes to ones diet.

By: Stephanie

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It also depends on the sort of fast food you buy - try to go for salads, wraps, sushi and foccaccias rather than chips - sometimes this can be even healthier than eating at home!

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